When you live and/or work in Kansas and Missouri, you could be subject to negligent behavior at any time. Your employer may have caused you great harm, or you may have suffered undue pain because of a public entity, business, or service provider. Read more to learn how we help clients who wish to become a part of a mass tort or a class action lawsuit.

Why Were You Hurt?

When you believe you should be part of a class action suit or mass tort, you will find that many other people have suffered from the same negligence. A home builder that uses asbestos in new houses could face a class-action suit brought by all their new customers. A business that knowingly exposes its employees to toxic chemicals can be named in a class-action suit, or a protected group of people experiencing harassment or neglect from a public entity may file a mass tort.

How Do We Investigate Your Case?

If you are the first person to bring these charges to light, we will investigate your case thoroughly to determine how large your “class” is. The class is any group of people who have suffered from the name type of negligence from the same entity. We will investigate a public agency, a private company, private individual, and even a large corporation if you have suffered because of its neglect. We will:

  • Attempt to find other members of your class
  • Investigate your claim
  • File suit
  • Ask the court to allow us to publicize the suit so that we may find as many affected individuals as possible
  • Fight for your right to compensation

How Are You Compensated?

When your class action suit is filed, you are compensated based on the court’s award. If you are named in the lawsuit, you will receive a larger award than people who joined your class after the suit was filed. We will manage all the money that is paid, and we will pay every claim properly.

In most cases, the court will order the defendant to pay court costs for the case, and your legal fees may be included in the award. We will let you know how much you are entitled to receive, and we will work with the court to pay out as soon as possible. We understand how payments in cases like this are made, and we will help you understand how much money will be paid.

What If You Want To Be Removed From A Class Action Suit?

There are cases where members of a class believe they should not be included. This is often because they would like to bring their own lawsuit against the defendant. If you would like to be excluded from a class-action suit, we will ensure that you are removed from the claim. We will represent you when you wish to file your own lawsuit, and we will help you understand the benefits of such an action.

What If A Criminal Case Arises?

A criminal case may arise as part of your class action suit. We will work with law enforcement to help tell your side of the story, and we will be present if law enforcement officials would like to speak to you because the negligence you experienced was criminal. We will also prepare you for court if you must testify.

What If You Are Afraid To Be Named Publicly In The Case?

There are instances in which a class action lawsuit might bring about too much attention to the plaintiff. If you do not want to be named publicly, we will:

  • Petition the court to keep your name private
  • Ask that any trial be held behind closed doors
  • Ask that your name be removed from any court documents or redacted
  • Ask the defendant to sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure that you are not exposed publicly

You may want to do this if you have young children, feel that retaliation may occur, or do not want people around you to know that you have won a significant amount of money in court.

Contact Us Today

When you believe you have grounds for a class action suit or mass tort, contact us today for a free consultation. We will help you recover the compensation you need for your pain and suffering. We ensure that you are prepared for a lawsuit like this, you understand your rights, and you are given the best chance to receive full compensation. We also help if there is a criminal case where you must testify, if you would like to remain anonymous, or even if you would like to be removed from a class-action suit that has already been filed.

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