While electric scooters are common around the world, they are becoming more commonly used in the United States, especially in tourist areas. Kansas City law allows you to ride your electric scooter as long as you remain on the road and keep to the bike lane and you do not ride on the sidewalk. Electric scooters are very fun and convenient, but that fun can come to an immediate halt when you suffer an accident that leads to an injury. Fortunately, attorneys specialized in electric scooter accidents in Kansas City are here to help.

Common Causes for Electric Scooter Injuries

Like with motorcyclists, riding an electric scooter makes you less visible and motorists may accidentally hit you. Some drivers may cut you off. Others might simply open a car door and cause you to fall from your scooter and suffer an injury.

Scooters are much less stable than motorcycles or bicycles because they have smaller wheels. As a result, someone riding on an electric scooter can easily fall off and suffer serious injuries.

Your chances of suffering an injury increase if you are not wearing a helmet. The type of injuries you might sustain include brain bleeds, broken bones, sprains, fractures, cuts, and scrapes.

However, given how little protection an electric scooter provides, if you are struck by a car while riding one, your injuries might be substantially more severe. Electric scooters are even smaller than motorcycles and can easily be bumped and moved around.

Scooter Rental Company Liability

Rental companies purchase many scooters. They should provide you with instructions on how to ride them. Scooter companies are also responsible for properly maintaining their scooters.

The original scooters ordered by scooter rental companies were consumer-grade and would only last about two months given the abuse they received. While industrial-grade scooters have largely replaced the consumer-models, some consumer scooters are still in use. These types of scooters are more likely to malfunction and the handlebars often detach. Baseboards have even been known to snap in half.

Also, there are some individuals who aren’t fans of electric scooters and are cutting the brake cables. This has lead to some riders losing control and crashing. If you suffer an injury while riding a scooter because your vehicle suddenly jerked forward or you lost control over it, this may leave the scooter rental company liable for your injuries.

Because determining the fault of a scooter accident can be so complex, you will have peace-of-mind by having a Kansas City electric scooter accident attorney in your corner.

Reckless Scooter Riders

You may not even be the one who was riding an electric scooter that crashed into another party. Some scooters crash into others and cause accidents. You might have been a pedestrian who was hit by a reckless scooter driver. You may have even tripped over a scooter that was left laying on the ground near a building entrance.

If you are injured by a scooter rider, one of the challenges is seeking compensation from the rider. Your options for compensation would be:

  • Seeking compensation from the rider’s renter’s insurance policy
  • Seeking compensation from the rider’s homeowner’s insurance policy
  • Demanding that the defendant write a check to cover damages through a settlement

Some riders are young and don’t have assets that could cover all of your expenses after the accident. However, if an experienced electric scooter accident attorney in Kansas City is willing to take your case, he may find a way to make the defendant compensate you for your injuries.

Actions to Take After the Accident

After an electric scooter crash, you will want to seek medical attention immediately. Even if you think your injuries are minor, you will need records to prove that you suffered an injury as a result of the crash.

After an electric scooter accident, you are not legally required to report it if either party suffered no injuries or minor injuries. However, calling the police and involving him or her in the accident will produce a police report that will allow you to show that the other motorist was responsible.

If someone calls the police, remain at the scene of the accident until a police officer tells you to leave. Otherwise, the police may arrest you for a hit and run. Then, get in contact with an attorney with experience handling electric scooter cases.

After you have suffered an accident involving an electric scooter, contact us today. We are dedicated to seeking compensation clients who are injured in all sorts of ways. Our initial consultation is free.

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